inafoxhole (inafoxhole) wrote,

50 reasons (NOT) to believe in god

#49 God has proved himself to us in numerous ways, all around us. The atheist needs to put his glasses on. What more can God possibly do if man his shut his eyes to him?

You know, this is a typical theist way of thinking... we atheists are the ones who have "shut our eyes" to god,, when it is really they who have shut their eyes to reality and gone on believing things that even a rudimentary inspection of the evidence would reveal. Little do they realize just how many years I really tried to believe. I wanted to believe. I was raised to believe. But I simply couldn't find a way to do it and still live with myself. It wasn't true. There was no evidence. No way I could go on pretending I believed when there was no reason to believe.

So, what was wrong with me then? What was wrong with my "glasses" then? Why didn't god answer his little follower and help me to believe, even fill me with the Holy Spirit or whatever? He didn't prove himeself when I needed proof the most.

But putting on glasses--the rose-coloured kind I presume--is a metaphor for lying to oneself, not seeing better. Interesting analogy, don't you think?

Tomorrow is the last one! Too bad it won't be the last ridiculous argument I'll have to refute.
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