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deranged Catholic priests

Today (well, yesterday by now) was the last day of the Olympics and yesterday (Saturday) morning I watched the last 3/4 of the men's marathon. While it was going on, they talked about what happened to the guy who was leading the race for most of the Athens Olympics, and how he was attacked by this deranged, defrocked Catholic priest, and how this may have cost him the gold medal. They interviewed the guy who attacked the runner, and talked about his "deranged" theology. Something about aliens coming down from the sky and ruling the Earth from Jerusalem. Bob Costas kept repeating how the guy was clearly deranged. His belief system reminded me a lot of a blend of Scientology and Catholicism, actually. The guy is clearly nuts, but what struck me as he was talking about what he believes in, they didn't seem all that much more bizzare to me than do most religious beliefs. He sounded an awful lot like the Rapturists, just the details were a bit different.

I guess that means that most people are deranged.
Tags: irrationality, olympics

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