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Everything you know about god is wrong

Since I don't live in a part of the country that has hurricanes, or has even seen rain more than twice in the last month, I spent the last couple days vegging and reading a book for the first time in possibly a year. A real book, not an audiobook. The book I was reading was Everything You Know About God Is Wrong: The disinformation guide to religion, ed. by Russ Kick.

It's an interesting collection of articles on everything from atheism, to cults, to Buddhism, to well, pretty much you name it. Just check out the table of contents. A great resource for arguing about Christianity, but also a number of other religions. I know I have a friend studying Buddhism, and I'd really like to get him to read the article in here on that religion.
Tags: books, buddhism, everything you know about god is wrong, links, russ kick

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