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John Galt

... How long is this speech from John Galt? Three hours? Who on earth would sit and listen to this in real life???

I'm not even gonna go into the historical errors in the speech, like the claim that the Dark Ages was a time when thinking people went on strike (rubbish!). I also think that the philosophy advocated in this book is based on a clear misunderstanding of science, and in particular, evolution. He praises reason and facts, but then turns around and attacks science. John Galt sounds so very much like a religious fanatic to me, and in particular, as a religious fanatic born of rejecting the dominant religion, and rejecting even those things that are of value, because it's virtually impossible, just by randomly guessing, to guess absolutely everything wrong. Blindly being contrary is no more likely to be right than was the original, except, perhaps, by chance.

Hopefully, I can finish this up tonight or tomorrow and move on the Susan Jacoby or Christopher Hitchens.

Oh, and I was listening to Countdown and KO mentioned this DVD that was included in newspaper ads in some battleground states. I remembered seeing it and ignoring it this weekend thinking it had been a game, but apparently it's a fear-mongering anti-Islam thing put out by David Horowitz. And apparently compares Radical Islam to the Nazis. It has an image of the fallen Twin Towers on the cover. It's political message is clear from the cover... be afraid. But I'll watch it and dissect it. My suspicion, however, is that I will not be impressed by an appeal to be so afraid of crazy religious fanatics in the middle East that I will be willing to allow my own government to be run by just as crazy (if only slightly less violent) religious fanatics. This sort of tactic only works if you believe that Christians or religion in general is somehow inherently good, and the more of the familiar ones the better.
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