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religion can do no wrong... it's all a lie!

Before I get into my comments from my trip back from the wedding, I got into an argument with my mom last night over religion, and it really highlighted one of the main problems with her worldview. I was telling her about live blogging the wedding ceremony, and how, for a moment, I thought about going up to the communion rail and getting a communion wafer to "play" with. And then decided not to risk ruining my brother's wedding for something so unimportant.

She immediately attacked me for wanting to do something like that, as if I had actually done it, I should point out. She asked me why it would even cross my mind, and I tried to explain to her about the student in Florida who was attacked for unknowingly offending Catholics by doing exactly what I had been considering (though for different reasons), and that said Catholics had tried to get him kicked out of school, and did get him kicked off the student government body and so on. She didn't believe me. She has a hard time believing that Christians are that mean or radical... And of course, it's all my fault for provoking them.

She also argued with me that there is my truth and there is their truth, and how are they hurting me? This multiple truthes idea is total nonsense, of course. And I asked her where did it stop? Did it stop with just my actions? What about what I say? Am I supposed to not "insult" them? And basically, she didn't want to come out and say it, but yeah, I shouldn't "insult" them either. It's not okay for them to tell me I'm immoral (how exactly she's planning on enforcing that, I don't know), but apparently, there will be no discussing reality, just in case someone is offended.

This is exactly the kind of thinking that makes me not just an atheist, but a full-blown anti-theist. Religion poisons people's thinking. It allows them to get away with things no one else could get away with. People just refuse to believe it could happen. I offered to get her the articles, and she still didn't believe me.

And she wonders why I can't talk to her without screaming at her some days.
Tags: catholicism, preferential treatment for theists

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