inafoxhole (inafoxhole) wrote,

Faith Mission

I have a real hard time donating money to organizations that are overtly religious. I just do. I don't know how the money will be spent, regardless of their protestations, but especially so when they send me prayers along with their solicitations.

I got one in the mail today to help provide Thanksgiving dinners for local homeless people. The fourth paragraph of their mailer finally gets to the point:

We will also see many homeless people who are struggling with addiction. A few will be tough and wary, and many will have a distant, hopeless look in their eyes. For these people, real change will have to start on the inside, as they experience God's life-transforming love.

Sorry, but I can't support these people preying on people that in need of real help.

I'd love to send some money, but not to these people. Replacing one addiction with the other is no solution.
Tags: religious charities

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