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I'm currently filling out my ballot for the election. I came to appreciate voting "absentee" when I was in grad school because I could sit in front of the computer, gather up all the flyers I'd gotten and do research on the Internet, particularly for all the obscure local offices for people you've never heard of before.

One vote I want to pass on was for Kristen McKinley for Ohio State Board of Education. She mentions on her website that due to separation of church and state in this country it is pointless to continue debating creationism vs. evolution, and that there are more important things to worry about. I wish, of course, that her statement was stronger, but as a politician trying not to offend irrational moderates, it's at least a recognition of the financial reality. So, if you live in Ohio and can vote for her, please do. (Better than the alternative...)

The evil "socialist" that I am, I voted for all the bond and tax issues (well, there was only one levy). But I have a hard time imagining how good water, waste collection and schools are not a good thing, and worth paying for.

I did really want to vote for the pro-gambling amendment, if only because I know some Christians will vote against it reflexively. However, the provisions of the amendment were ridiculous and it deserves to lose.

And yes, I voted for Barack Obama. I mean really, you thought I was voting for Sarah Palin? I have some acquaintances who, I'm sure, will be disappointed that I didn't vote for the Socialist Party candidate on the ballot. In all, I had 8 choices on the Ohio ballot.

I'm gonna go put this in the mailbox right now!
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