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life and death

My mom is gonna have back surgery at the end of the month.

She is freaking out of course, but it needs to be done. However, like last time when she had her hip surgery, she wants me to be there to be her power of attorney. (She and dad don't see eye-to-eye, and I don't think she trusts him to do what she'd want if something went wrong.)

It's one of those moments of mortality, though. Even the possibility of making life and death decisions for your parent, it's difficult to know how to feel about that. It probably won't matter, but there is always that chance. One has to prepare oneself for it, just in case. Another ugly truth that must be faced.

I will have to find someone to cover for me, for at least part of the day at work. They will have her up and around in a day or so, so I will do my duty and scurry back to work. Does it seem cold to admit that will come back to work the same day, assuming nothing goes wrong? Does it seem uncaring to not want to hang out with my Sean Hannity clone father longer than necessary?

Like I said, statistically, I'm sure everything will be fine. But I guess someone has to be the statistic.
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