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I'm finally getting around to watching this DVD that was sent around in the newspaper weeks ago, Obsession.

Watching the video of the radical Muslims, I'm sad to say, remind me a lot of some of the crowds at McCain-Palin rallies. There was video I saw yesterday of a rally in Johnstown, PA (and I'm sorry to say, my parents are both from that area)... it was totally sick. And while it wasn't quite as extreme as this, but the use of the words was so similar.

And after following the rise of radical Christianity and their rhetoric on the pages of dark_christian, and the bombing of abortion clinics, and radical elements of Christianity like the KKK (who do indeed claim to be Christian)... Christianity is no less radical, even if they haven't flown planes into buildings yet.
But as with Christianity, it is up to Muslims to fight Muslims. Radical Christians will not listen to me. Radical Muslims will not listen to the West. All that we as atheists and Westerners can do is encourage the more reasonable, liberal, peace-loving ones to turn on their own and put a stop to it. The alternative is indeed grave. But war, to return the holy war to them, will do nothing but escalate the violence.

Right-wing propanda at its finest.

After watching the DVD, maybe Palin and McCain didn't get their rhetoric from the radical Christians... but rather as the minister in Jesus Camp admitted... they got it from the radical Muslims.

If you've seen the video or if you haven't, watch it again and pretend that these are Christians speaking. And that it's not the Arab media, but Fox News they are talking about. There are moments in the video that will give you the creeps.
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