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my blog: is it my home or a public forum?

Whenever people interact, disagreement is bound to occur. And when you add to that fact that the anonymity of the electronic medium tends to give people leave to behave poorly, thinking there are no consequences... Unlike speaking to someone in person.

One further problem adding to the mix is the territoriality of some bloggers when it comes to their home webpages or blogs. Ignoring the fact that by posting material on the Internet, they are posting the material publicly, you'll find some bloggers react disproportionately badly to someone misbehaving on their blog. And I've been asking in the past if I would say such and such "in someone's house", suggesting that there are some things you just don't do in someone else's blog, as though you were somehow "trespassing". Now, I kinda understand taking offense if someone does something really offensive, like threatening the blogger's children, but that would be problematic anywhere. And I understand bloggers wanting to make their own rules about commenting on or off-topic, or general good manners..., but again, we make the same kinds of constraints in other public fora... So why so personal when someone new visits? Is being territorial helpful?

Is it helpful to get upset when someone responds to something you posted? Even if you consider it a non-sequitor? Is it not enough to simply say, look, I don't think you read this clearly, or that isn't what I said? Why is it necessary to scream how dare you come in here and say such and such?!

If you get up on a soapbox to rant, is that the kind of thing you get to say from the microphone?

I understand the possessiveness that comes from writing what you want, and having a personalized place to do it. But it isn't your "home". By making a public post, that isn't friends-locked, you are asking for comment, and it behooves everyone to treat others with the same courtesy they would expect to be treated with.

So, believers, I may be sarcastic, but merely commenting isn't going to warrant a screaming rant about how dare you come into my home and say such and such. However, but if you are obnoxious, I do reserve the right to ban you or delete you. No need to be rude.
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