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You would not believe the shit these stupid religious people are trying to pull over on me!

I live in an apartment complex with a clearly posted "NO SOLICITING" sign out front. That pretty much means anyone but political parties are banned from the place. (In the service of democracy, they can't really do that much, but fortunately, I don't get a lot of Republicans around here.) However, this does apply to RELIGIOUS people peddling their god.

But despite this, I continually get these people knocking on my damn door and waking me up. (I keep odd hours... 10 a.m. is too damn early if I just went to bed at 4.) One did it again this morning.

I pointed out to this lady and her companion that I was an atheist, I wasn't interested, and there was a "NO SOLICITING" sign on the road on the way in. The cheek! She told me that it only applied to people asking for money!


I checked the OED when she left, after I called the apartment managers office to complain about them and have them escorted off the property.

The OED says thusly of solicit:

1. To disturb, disquiet, trouble, to make anxious, fill with concern. Obs.
2. a. To entreat or petition (a person) for, or to do, something; to urge, to importune; to ask earnestly or persistently. Const. to with inf., or with that. c. spec. To beg (an advocate) to attend to a case. Obs.
3. To incite or move, to induce or persuade, to some act of lawlessness or insubordination. Freq. const. to (with n. or inf.)
4. a. To incite, draw on, allure, by some specious representation or argument. b. To court or beg the favour of (a woman), esp. with immoral intention. c. To make immoral attempts upon. d. Of women: to accost and importune (men) for immoral purposes. More recently, also with a homosexual (or a pimp) as subj. Also absol.
5. Of things: a. To affect (a person or thing) by some form of physical influence or attraction. Now rare. b. To tempt, entice, allure; to attract or draw by enticement, etc.
6. To endeavor to draw out (a dart, etc.) by the use of gentle force. Obs.
7. Med. To seek to draw, to induce or bring on, esp, by gentle means.
8. a. To conduct, manage, or attend to (business, affairs, etc.); to push forward or prosecute. Obs. b. To Conduct (a lawsuit, etc.) as a solicitor; to transact or negotiate in the capacity of a law-agent. Obs. c. to stir up, instigate (rebellion, etc.) Obs.
9. a. To urge or plead (one's suit, cause, etc.). b. To urge or press a matter. Obs. c. To seek to follow diligently. Obs.
10. a. To request, petition, or sue for (some thing, favour, etc.); to desire or seek by petition. b. To seek after; to try to find, obtain, or acquire.
11. Of things: to call or ask for, to demand (action, attention, etc.)
12. a. To make request or petition; to beg or entreat. b. Const. for. c. Const. to and inf.
13. To act or practice as a solicitor.
14. To petition against, to make intercession for, a person or thing, Obs.

Not a single one of those definitions says a damn thing about MONEY. And they are obviously doing the 2a definition. Especially the persistently part.

You can tell the woman doesn't give a damn about truth, otherwise she wouldn't be making up definitions to suit her own damn self.


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Oct. 28th, 2008 05:50 pm (UTC)
I concur, 10:00 a.m. is way too early. Most people don't get that. I'm sorry about the bangings on your door, that would, indeed, be annoying.
Oct. 28th, 2008 05:54 pm (UTC)
Put a sign on your apartment door.
"Religion or Faith-Based solicitation of any kind is prohibited at this address. No. Do not knock. You will NOT like the response you get."

Oct. 28th, 2008 06:13 pm (UTC)
Re: Put a sign on your apartment door.
Well, see, though, I shouldn't have to do that. There is a no soliciting sign on private property, I shouldn't have to put up a second sign reminding religious people that they aren't so special that they get to ignore perfectly obvious requests... The rules apply to them just like everyone else. What pisses me off is the arrogance. Why should I need to tell the whole world I am a fucking atheist so leave me the hell alone!

When I was living on a public university campus, I didn't have any resource, but I don't now. And the management agrees with me that they are not allowed. If the management said they wouldn't do anything, I'd put a damn sign on my door, and be the scary atheist in the neighborhood... But I shouldn't have to here. I appreciate them going to bat for me, but damn it, those religious people are going to learn their lesson, and if that means I have to answer the door as mad as a banshee, well, damn it, I'm still gonna bitch about it.

Common decency.

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