inafoxhole (inafoxhole) wrote,

if this works for Muslims...

...why shouldn't it work for atheists? Someone run for office. Where's Ron Reagan, Jr. when you need him?

Can we just say, this next comment is Palinesque?

if gas and oil came from fossils, you'd think you'd find some evidence of it being created--something half fossil/half oil--or part jungle debris/part gas--never heard of that being found--if that's the way it's made, you'd think the Earth would be in the process of making it somewhere--though, on the other hand, if oil and gas were created during Earth's cooling process--when its mantle was created--maybe there's no more of it than what's there now--this is an interesting issue, in view of the possibility of oil and gas being in the Moon, if it isn't created out of the remains of dinosaurs and palm trees

It makes my head hurt.
Tags: links, muslims, oil, ron reagan jr.

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