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One really has to laugh at the charges the McCain campaign used to level at Barack Obama in the run-up to the election. I mean, "the most liberal Senator"? The Senate is designed to be extremely conservative (in the classic sense, not regressive the way Republicans would like to pretend) or maybe centrist. I mean, compare Obama's politics to, say, Dennis Kucinich's. Liberal? Barely. Name one Senator who's as liberal as Dennis. I double-dog dare you.

Okay, so maybe if Al Franken manages to pull this out, but that is by no means guaranteed at this moment.

Real lefties don't get elected to the Senate, so "most liberal in the Senate" is a pretty empty charge.

He's not nearly left enough for my taste... :)

He's a believer and he used his religion in the campaign. He ends every speech with "God bless you. God bless America." I don't know whether to be numb or irritated every time I hear it. He's talked about continuing faith-based programs.

So while it's true that he's said a lot of things I like: more science, more intelligence, a little more in touch with relatity, cares more about helping people help themselves than just garnering more money for those who already have it, etc., etc., it's also true that there is no perfect candidate. And we will still have to deal with the McCarthyite Michele Bachman who won relection, and it's still too close to call on the gay marriage ban in California, and my own local Congressman is still a Republican. He's not as much a nut as the one I had in my old district, but I'm gonna have to start writing him more often.

But Obama's win does mean that one wall has come down. It's now up to people who are about American to push it in the right direction. Those of us who value separation of church and state must insist that Obama not listen to those selfish Christian voices around him, but to think about what is good for all Americans, including godless Americans.
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