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From a student:

Just keep me in your prayers that it will be resolved soon.

Admittedly, this is mild enough. I've seen much worse, like students sending me prayers, classmates sending me invitations to church, and colleagues putting bible verses in the signature at the bottom of every email. However, isn't this a bit presumptuous? This isn't about something that she does, like a casual mention that her church group is taking over her life. No, this is an appeal, an exhortation, an imperative commanding me, or at least requesting, that I do something for her I can't possibly do.

Beyond commenting on it here, the email will simply be deleted. I'm not tacky enough to go off on the student about her false assumptions. But it does go a long way toward unscoring the disconnect between what most believers think about the numbers of those who agrees with them, versus the reality that 1-in-7 to 1-in-6 people they make that comment to is going to view it as an absurdity.
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