inafoxhole (inafoxhole) wrote,

Myth of a Christian Nation

A couple weekends ago, I finished listening to Myth of a Christian Nation by Gregory A. Boyd. I need to mention right off the top of the bat that this book is written by an active minister, a believer, and the book is riddled with justifications of his position, not entirely based on reality, in history, but rather in the Bible. If you know a devout believer and want to encourage them to support separation of church and state, this might be the book for them.... but for the rest of us reality-based folks, it was torture listening to some pretty twisted logic. But, you know, the book was really aimed at me, so it's no wonder I wasn't that impressed.

Maybe we need to send a dozen copies to the local Mormon church? :)
Tags: audiobooks, gregory boyd, mormons, myth of a christian nation, separation of church and state

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