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church hunting

I've recently moved into this new apartment, and as it turns out, I'm living not far from one of my cousins, who also recently moved to this city. This weekend, my grandmother is coming from out-of-state to visit both of us. She'll be staying with me while she's here (in part because I have more space). She's coming out Saturday afternoon and leaving Sunday afternoon.

My grandmother is extremely religious. She's a devout Catholic. When I was about eighteen, I sent her a letter to "come out" to her as an atheist. I'm told that she cried. She used to send me a card every holiday, including my birthday, to tell me that she was having an order of nuns pray for me... until I begged her to stop as I found it offensive to be constantly reminded that she sincerely believed that being a good person was not enough, and that I was inevitably going to hell unless I could be "saved". Perhaps you can see the conflict coming...

She wants to go to church while she's here.

Hell, I don't know where any Catholic churches are! Besides the fact that I don't use them, I've just moved here. I don't even have a phonebook!


Thank god (you'll forgive the expression) for the Internet.

It's a really weird feeling being an atheist and looking around online for a Catholic church. It just seems so incongruous. I feel like I'm condoning these ridiculous beliefs... but, of course, it's really none of my business. I found one a couple miles away, and printed out directions to the place, though I did warn my mother, who's also coming down for the weekend, that I'm NOT going to church with her. Funerals and weddings, fine, but not weekly masses.

Of course, in a way, it does kinda seem rude, doesn't it? She's coming to see me for a day, but she's gonna leave and leave me alone in my apartment by myself for an hour or so while she does her god-worshipping thing...

Oh, right, I forgot. God is more important than her family.

I love my grandmother, but this is clearly one of those places where we will just never agree. Thankfully, my mother is also coming down this weekend, so she can take grandma to church. Mom doesn't really go herself either, but she's much more willing to be accommodating, and she knows that I have work Sunday morning.
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