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xmas eve

In an hour-and-a-half to two hours I'm off to the parents place for the obligatory xmas eve "family" stuff.

In my family, xmas hasn't really been a 'religious' thing for decades, but mom wants the whole family thing still--dinner, and gifts and stuff--but she won't move it to another day, like Winter Solstice. It's got to be on the 24th, though, at least it's not the 25th. I'm not really sure what the dinner on the 24th stems from (probably having to go visit extended family on the 25th), but we open gifts at midnight rather than wait until the 25th. We started that because mom wanted to sleep in. :) I expect that by tomorrow this time, I'll be safely back here in my own place. I'm really not looking forward to interacting with my right-wing conservative father... but mom is kinda insistent. I like the gift-giving part, but the interaction with my dad kinda ruins the holiday.

Because I'm travelling, I'll probably use the time to listen to more of the Bible. Ooh. If that happens, expect a long post. I'm think I'm in Leviticus, if I remember correctly.

I forgot to mention a couple days ago that I finished listening to Christopher Hitchens' Portable Atheist. It's really a great book. Hitchens himself doesn't have a lot of things to say, just brief introductions to the passages, but having all these atheistic passages in one place is great, and not having to hunt down all these writers individually... plus, I'm sure I wouldn't have thought of many of these people as atheists to even look up. I've read On Liberty, so John Stuart Mill, sure... but George Eliot? Wow. Anyway, good read. Another thing that stood out at me was Percy Bysshe Shelley got kicked out of Oxford for not swearing an oath to the Anglican church.
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