inafoxhole (inafoxhole) wrote,

rest-stop religion

I was accosted this morning on the way to work by someone trying to hand out religious pamphlets. Specifically, they were trying to get me to read copies of Awake!. I knew immediately from the title it had to be religious in nature so I declined them. As it turns out, it was a good thing I did, because based on Wikipedia's entry on Awake!, it probably would have really pissed me off.

However, what is odd about this is not that I was accosted by Jehovah's Witnesses trying to get me to read their crap. Rather, it's where this too place. It wasn't at my door in the city, or even at work in the city. It was at a rest stop on the freeway, about 25-30 miles south of Cleveland, on I-71. They were apparently sitting in an SUV at the rest stop, and every time someone came out of the building, they tried to thrust literature in our faces.

So, folks, the moral of the story is, beware the black SUVs parked in rest stop lots, especially the ones with people just sitting inside.

[BTW: I did politely decline and they let me go. The woman didn't even ask me twice. I'll give them that much.]
Tags: conversion attempts, jehovah's witnesses, links, religious literature

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