inafoxhole (inafoxhole) wrote,

what motivates a Christian to say such things.

Students in one of my classes were asked to describe themselves for an assignment about angle of vision and point of view. One of the students began their assignment thusly:

I am a Christian . I believe in God the Father, Jesus His Son, who saved us from our sins.

What about that second sentence is necessary? I know what a Christian believes in; I don't need a catechism lesson for an English assignment.

But then the student went on later:

I believe people can be with who they want, as long as they don’t display it in public. I really don’t like public display of affection for anyone. Get a room.

The student is talking about how they aren't gay, but... Again, providing more information than is necessary for the assignment. I don't think "prude" was one of the categories for "angle of vision" that was listed in our textbook.

The upside of this is that I have a couple of students who are atheists. :)
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