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Abstinence Only in Ohio

A fight in brewing in Ohio over abstinence-only sex "education". Our newly elected Democratic governor believes the science that says this just doesn't work. The Republican-dominated legislature would prefer to moralize rather than do what is most effective. Their plan? Add a section on the availability of adoption rather than adding more information on birth-control.

You have no idea how glad I am to been raised in a more enlightened era! (It's really amazing what 20-30 years makes!)

And all this taking place in a budget battle.

On the same topic, The NYT opines on abistence-only education. They fine it wanting.

What both Gov. Strickland and the NYT recognize is that abstinence-only sex ed is based not on sound public policy--it does NOT reduce teen pregnancy nor does it reduce teen sexual activity. Rather, the policy is based solely on ideology... religious ideology. This is yet another example where religion willfully deviates from reality. This is not just a violation of separation of church and state, the religious position is fundamentally harmful, as it continues to ignore the evidence.
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