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Shit! It's been a month since I last posted in this blog. Sorry, loyal readers. Things have been pretty insane around here, but they should be calming down a tad in the next week or so. I still have notes on a couple books of the Bible I made on my trip to Atlanta at the end of February (shit!) and I'm gonna be driving a bit more tomorrow, so I'm gonna add to that. As soon as I catch up on those, I'll try to go back to semi-regular posting. Things have been insane and plenty to talk about really, just no time to write about it.

In summary:

One of my overly religious students last term got all huffy because she wrote a paper against gay marriage and I failed her on it because she used five logical fallacies (among other problems). She didn't submit a rough draft, so she got no feedback on it. Another student who did the same kind of thing on abortion, but who did submit a rough draft, got the same comments, and for the same reasons. She rewrote her paper, though, and I gave her an A on the rewrite.

One of my math students, though, went and said something dumb, too. It won't affect her grade, but I think she is hoping to be friends with me when the class is over. But when she says idiotic things like "atheist sounds like an animal name, like an ape, don't you think?" and doesn't believe in evolution, and when I challenged her on the atheist comment, she asked why I was offended, did I think it was because blacks were like apes... so she's a racist, too. I may have to deal with people like this while they are my students, but I certainly won't waste my time socializing with them as soon as the class is over.

Oh, and there is this guy I think I like. But it's against even my own advice to think about it because he's a believer... I know! My mom is probably glad it's not a woman, but she is worried he's a closet conservative. I don't think so. But still, what a mess.

Anyway, those are the highlights.
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