inafoxhole (inafoxhole) wrote,

National Day of Wishful Thinking

Yesterday was the so-called National Day of Prayer, as if this was something that was naturally inclusive; as if it honoured something of value.

I did a lot of wishful thinking yesterday myself.

I wished that my semester would end sooner. (It didn't.)

I wished that my students would learn to love math. (Most of them didn't.)

I wished that Americans would suddenly become reasonable. (They didn't.)

I wished that the troops would come home from Iraq. (They didn't.)

I wished for a lot of things that didn't happen. Am I just a bad wisher? Should I only wish for things that I know will happen? What's the point if I do that? If I wish for 10,000 things and only one of them comes true, does that mean wishing works?

I wonder what my stats teacher would have thought of that. (Actually, I don't have to wonder about that one too long.)

I wonder how much time I'll spending wishing for things I can't have today. (Actually, I don't wonder about that too much either.)

Okay, folks. Back to reality.
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