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1 Samuel to 2 Samuel

Going to try to work on some more of my audio notes on the bible again. I mean, it's only been on my to-do list for 6 months...

Oh, at this point in my trip, I'd seen as much of the Grand Ole Oprey as I'd seen of Disneyland... which is to say I drove past it on the freeway. :)

"To obey is better than sacrifice." Yeah, that's the kind of sentiment we *love* from the bible. </sarcasm> Obeying is not really better than anything.

So god sent a bad spirit to Samuel, after he took the good spirit out of him? These stories seem to be told out of order.

That's so arrogant. How dare they challenge the living god?!!! that right there is enough to strangle someone over, god in particular.

This relationship between David and Jonathan is very interesting. Read between the lines. It sounds very, slash.

So, David goes out and slays all these people to impress his new father-in-law and he brings back their foreskins. That's so sick. I mean, think about this visually for a second. As David's father-in-law, I think I would assume I had just married my daughter to a sadist. And you can't even mount it on a wall.

Samuel prophesied for David by laying down nake for two days? To me, that sounds totally fucked insane.

I find it amusing they are talking about David in hiding. Saul noticed he wasn't there, so assumed he was unclean. But the second day, he figured he'd ask. Could this be the source of you have to wait 24-hours after a disappearance before the police will look for them? (I'm only half kidding here.)

When David leave, that sounds extremely slash with Jonathan. He dies, and David says "blessed be the Lord." I have a problem with that sentiment.

There were people in the bible cavorting/conversing with the spirits of the dead. Talking to spirits is Biblical. Samuel came up out of the grave and talked to Saul. So why has the church been trying to kill people for witches for doing the same? I mean, if it works, and god allowed it with his chosen people...

So David killed the Phillistine champion, and then David went and hid among the Phillistines, and they said there was nothing wrong with him. They liked him. But, why would they take him in if by killing their champion he made them slaves to the Israelites?

This plot really needs some logic, because it doesn't make any sense.

The number of men David seems to have following him seems to keep changing, and growing. So we also have suicide in the bible, by Saul, who was annointed by god. So, why does the Church think it's so sinister and ungodly if it's in the Bible, and not listed as a sin (yet)? Mercy killing is bad--the guy who came upon Saul's failed suicide attempt and put him out of his misery--David made sure that he was killed, because he killed Saul anyway who was going to die a horrible, agonizing death if left alone. Logic?

Jonathan is dead and David is still lamenting it, and talking about his love, and how it surpassed that of any woman... yeah, the slash continues.

Another common thing, especially in 2 Samuel, every time something bad happens, even though they've ordered it, they finish the dirty deed, and say "I will be held blameless in the eyes of the lord" making an excuse for why they killed someone or something. Doesn't that sound like guilt?

Aside: isn't it a shame that Chatanooga has a better freeway system than Memphis?

These characters sound petty and petulant. They are wronged, and then thing they have the right to wrong ten times as much in return. They sound like children throwing a temper tantrum.

This story about a Amon and Anar?....this is sick. He rapes her and casts her out knowing that she's probably going to get killed for it. David is comforted that is son is killed because he was a rapist? he wouldn't punish him himself, but he was glad that he was dead.

This reminds me an awful lot of Orestes.

If you are trying to get someone's attention and they ignore you, it's perfectly acceptable to set their entire field on fire? How many people are they sending to death by starvation by doing that? But that's okay, because I need your attention.

The people in hungry? Translation?

this is 2 Samuel, but Samuel is hardly in it. And David has some very cheeky servants. They do a lot of things that are unmotivated. They don't make sense. David left 10 concubines in charge of the house while he was gone and when he got back, he put them all away to live out their lives in widowhood... why? and even if he did do it, why mention it? What is the point?

I haven't that many religious billboards in Tennessee or Georgia, compared to Ohio and Kentucky.

Oh, found one, something about marriage... missed it, though. Probably encouraging teen marriage or something equally dumb.

At this point in my notes, I'd arrived at my destination in Atlanta, so it's a good place for a break.
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