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Before I explain, I had to admit, I'm disappointed a lot. I have very high expectations of myself, and I guess others, too. I guess I think the best of people, and am continually shocked when they do things I don't find logical. I suppose the alternative is to be a cynic and be occasionally pleasantly surprised, but that doesn't sound like I'd like to live that way. I'm really striving for realistic expectations, but I still make misjudgments. That having been said, my brother disappoints me at the moment.


He's having his son baptized (I presume as a Catholic). Here I am trying to get myself excommunicated so that maybe I can get them to relax their tentacles just a little, but I will never stop being an ex-Catholic. Not to them. Not really. And here he is, an atheist, not only getting married in the Church, allowing his son to be circumcised, and now further allowing him to be baptized. I would never have done the first one, but weddings are more important to women than men, so I understood even if I didn't agree that he was doing what she wanted because he didn't care. But he lost me at amputating a part of his son's body for no reason, when he disagreed with it, but the wife wanted it. But now, here he is again, getting the kid baptized, probably because she wants it. My mom's like: it's traditional.

Fuck tradition!

Okay, I realize my brother is an apatheist: he doesn't care one way or the other. But that's the part I don't get. I am certainly passionate, so to simply let someone make these otherwise important decisions for me, to let them always get their way and never asserting my own will... to me, that is asking for trouble down the road. If Cash is an atheist, whether he cares or not, and she is religious, why should the child be raised in her faith tradition? Why shouldn't the child be exposed to both, and then be allowed to make their own decisions as an adult.

Again, my mom is defending my brother... it's not like he's being sent to Catholic school, she says. No, not yet! But what is to stop that from happening five years from now?

Frankly, I find myself even further invested in actually undermining whatever religious education she plans on indoctrinating my nephew into, not just encouraging him to be a science geek. I suspect that in the long run this will get me into trouble with the sister-in-law, but someone has to express the other side, the side that my brother can't seem to stand up for himself. I wish I didn't have to do this, but I'm not prepared to lose my nephew to the bigotry and illogic of the Catholic Church. It took me years of intense examination and heartache to break free of that system; I would spare my nephew having to escaped from so deep in the tradition.
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