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Psalms - Proverbs - Ecclesiates - The Song of Solomon - Isiah

On a recent trip, I managed to get in another five hours of listening to to the Bible on audiobook. I didn't make as many notes on these as I had on other books. Perhaps because I am becoming numb to the insanity, and maybe it's because these books just weren't as routinely absurd as the previous ones. I'm hoping, though, that with some more driving on the way for the holidays, I can at least get through the Old Testament by the end of the year.

Beginning in Psalms where I left off...

Getting up early is a biblical thing... I guess I was destined to be un-biblical because I'm a night owl and getting up early makes me feel constantly jet-lagged.

Presumably these were once part of an oral tradition, and were thus memorized. And in English, these are spectacularly unmemorable.

This conflation of fear and love, in Christianity, and the OT, is truly disturbing. It reminds me strongly of battered wife syndrome.

Hey, there, it says it right there in Proverbs Chapter 1, "Fools hate knowledge". I wonder what groups that fits most? Conservative Christians maybe?

Of course, you have to take it completely out of context to make it mean what I want it to mean, but I'd just be borrowing their tactics to use on them.

What do they mean by froward? And yes, I spelled that right.

Prosperity gospel thinking, possible soure in Proverbs: he that is a strong man, retaineth riches.

"The liberal soul shall be made fat"? I think they mean that in a good way. Proverbs again. Show that one off to the far right.

We are also told in Proverbs that the wicked expect wrath. So if you don't expect wrath then you aren't wicked?

The bible does this a lot: they use fool and foolishness in the same sentence. For instance, the fool spaketh only foolishness, or something else that sounds stupid and redundant. Don't we have another word in English that they can substitute that isn't so repetitive? It's not the same as he dreams a dream, since dream can't take any other objects.

"The mouth of strange women is a deep pit"? Oh my, the sexual imagery I'm getting.

Proverbs 23 tells us that we should not bother speaking with fools because they will not appreciate our wisdom. So... we shouldn't bother arguing with creationists?

The Old Testament seems to claim that if you are dead, you're dead, and there is no more reward. This is in Ecclesiastes. So, heaven is essentially a Greek thing glombed onto Judaism.

The Song of Solomon seems to be basically a love story.

In Isiah we get to the prophecy for Jesus. I'd like to see the Greek translation, because of course, parthenos, which is the Greek for virgin, is usually just a young girl, whether she is actually a virgin or not. So Jesus being born of a young girl is pretty unremarkable, given that women/girls were often married off young in that era. So the interpretation of specifically virginal, in the modern sense, is a development of the language, semantic drift, moreso than actually requiring her to never have had sex.

Ending this session here on Isiah Chapter 9.

Before my work became totally insane, I told my mom I'd be up for Thanksgiving, so we might get more bible stuff before the end of the month, or early next.
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