inafoxhole (inafoxhole) wrote,

Yeah, there are lunatics here, too

My current hometown is hardly immune from raving religious lunatics. The Freshwater case should have made that pretty clear. To the point that I simply stopped reading the local newspaper. Unfortunately, it means I miss stuff like this, about the outrage over the atheist billboard that went up in town (which I have yet to see). Austin Cline has covered it pretty well, so I will let it stand at that.

In addition, I've decided to turn off Anonymous commenting on my blog. From today on, you will need an LJ account or an OpenID to post anything. So far, the vast majority of comments, particularly on the Bruce Lipton post (and it's follow-up) are from anonymous people making wildly factually false claims, even about what I said when it's right in front of them, and while some people may enjoy the interactivity, I don't tolerate stupidity well, and I don't wish to be subjected to it. If you have a cogent point to make, take the time get the OpenID. If you just want to rant incoherently about what an awful person I am, do it on your own blog. I still have one more such comment to reply to, and you unnamed cowards have about an hour or so before the commenting feature gets switched. It's your last chance to do your worst. At least on Twitter the crazies have to have an account and I can block them. Very shortly, I'll be able to do the same here.
Tags: atheist billboards, austin cline, bruce lipton, christians, freshwater, ohio, policy

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