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Left on my windshield today...

So, it's been a while since I posted. Been too busy for words. Did manage to finish listening to the old testament, so I have the end of that to post, and a few other things. Will get to that when I can, but this just couldn't wait.

I get back to my car this after and find two things on my windshield: a folded paper wallet and a little note. (The top two images shown below.)

You know, it's in my way, so I get out and take it out from under my wipers. It's your typical Christian drivel. I might even have been given one of these before, because I know I've read the bullshit text on the inside. And all the little smiley faces don't really change the fact that what they are really sending me is a threat.... comply or burn in hell. It's a kind of religious persecution. I mean, I don't wander around putting messages on the cars with Christian bumper stickers on them, and tell them god is dead, with a big smiley face. But they think nothing of telling me that I deserve to suffer the worse imaginable possible torments for eternity just because I really can't bring myself to believe in their nonsense.

I can't believe these kids don't have homework to do or something.

Click on images to view full-size.

note note
left on my windshield at OSU 4/30/10
wallet (paper) wallet (paper)
left on my windshield at OSU 4/30/10
inside flap #1 inside flap #1
left on my windshield at OSU 4/30/2010
inside flap #2 inside flap #2
left on my windshield at OSU 4/30/2010

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